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  • Why does Zelli Pasta look rough? Our pasta is made using bronze extruder dies, they leave the pasta with a rougher surface area for sauce to cling to. Most large manufacturers use teflon dies because they are more efficient and easier, however, the pasta ends up being shiny and slippery, not a good combo for sauce. We believe in quality over quantity and our pasta has a different look to prove it.
  • What kind of pot should I boil my pasta in? Please use a large, roomy pot. This will prevent your noodles from sticking together. Many people think you should use oil for that but it is not the case. Using oil will result in a slicker pasta, not good for holding sauce. Just use a large pot, with a lot of water, and you should be all set. And don't forget the salt! While we're talking about pasta water, it's your best friend! Save it, use it to thin your sauce as needed later. Pasta water is full of starch, which has leeched out of the pasta while cooking, this will help create a nice silky sauce.
  • How long should I boil my pasta? Check the box! We have recommended boil times on our boxes. Don't ignore your pasta while cooking, keep a close eye. Cook your pasta to al dente so it can continue cooking while being tossed with sauce. The perfect moment to stop cooking your pasta is when it is just almost done, and would be completely done in just another few minutes. From here, don't rinse, this stops the cooking process. Instead, remove your pasta and use a colander as needed, then move right into a sauce pan with your sauce. Then don't waste time between tossing with sauce and eating! Start eating as soon as it's ready and it will be the absolute best.